Delish Bites 3 pack – Cranberry & Almond 125g


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Product Description

This item includes 3 125g packs of Cranberry & Almond Delish Bites.
Shipping is also included free with this delicious 3 pack!

Just like our Rolada, Delish Bites are jam packed with rich fruits and loaded with nuts.

Guilt free indulgence made with the finest quality ingredients bursting with protein and antioxidants.

Naturally sweet, without any processed sugars, rich and smooth these babies will have you bouncing all day long!

Gluten Free – No added sugar – Dairy Free – GM free – Halal Certified.

Shelf life – 6 months (they will not last that long once you taste them !).

Each jar contains 6 balls.

Ingredients:  Cranberries, raw almond, dates & coconut.


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